A picture of stardew valley's flounder. It's the sprite used when it swims in a tank, and the background is pink.


★—•—°—•—°—•—°—•—°—•—★Hobby modder and artist.
For modding inquiries, feel free to contact me:

All sites i'm in are stated here. Aditionally, i only post my mods in nexusmods.


Hello- i go by mist/misty!
I make mods for stardew valley. I also have projects for: Hollow Knight, minecraft, ACNH.

★ Do you take commissions?
Yes! I can do art and maps.
For code, depends on difficulty.
See here for comm info

★ Can I reupload/edit your mod?
No. I don't allow reuploading.
If you want to add something, send me the code for review (github is preferred).Edits are only allowed for personal use and if you won't share it.Redistribution in any way is strictly forbidden.

★ Is XYZ abandoned?
Unless explicitly said, no. Some mods are just completed!
(And other mods are being updated, which takes time.)

[If you ever see my mods outside nexusmods, they're most likely stolen / the uploader is making money off my mods without my permission.]


You can contact me on any of my social media (showed in homepage ⌂).I can make: portraits, character sprites, and world maps.
I also make SMAPI mods depending on difficulty.
For reference, this is the content i'm willing (or unwilling) to make:

  • Furry, anthro, or animal characters

  • Mecha/Fantasy characters

  • Human characters

  • Mods with sexual content.

  • Mods that are violent / of gory nature.

  • Racial caricatures, political, or discriminatory content.

For mod examples, you can see my mod list!Commission prices are stated in my ko-fi